Halo: Reach Beta Thoughts and Video

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The reach beta is open to everyone with the invitation available through the Halo 3: ODST disc tomorrow. Due to the site update, this post had to be postponed to now, but with the beta being available to everyone tomorrow a preview is kind of pointless. Instead I have listed out what I enjoyed and what annoyed me about the beta. Hopefully the annoyances will be ironed out before the final release.

What I liked –

  • Gameplay is much more fast paced.
  • Every fight no longer ends with punching, due to the shield update.
  • Playing as an elite is a lot of fun with the new mechanics.
  • Jetpacks!

What Annoyed Me –

  • Pistols should not be that strong.
  • Focus Rifles are overpowered.
  • The voting system should not default to the first option in the list if no one votes, it’s almost always stockpile.
  • The blue team, while playing stockpile on powerhouse, has the upper-hand. The red team’s flags can be thrown into the basin and they take forever to get back, while the blue team’s flags can’t be put anywhere quickly and are much harder to remove.
  • In the heat of battle between elites it is hard to quickly tell the difference between friend and foe due to color similarities.

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