All Alan Wake Prequel Episodes are available


If you’ve been following the live-action prequel to Alan Wake, Bright Falls, you’ll probably be glad to hear that all the episodes are now available on If you don’t have the memory, can’t find them on your Xbox, or simply don’t want to download them;watching them here is your best bet if you want to see them. You’ll have to download silverlight to view them.

While the complete prequel may have come a little late for Europeans to enjoy it before Alan Wake’s release, everyone else can still enjoy it.

I’m working on a little something to highlight the US release of the game, hopefully nothing goes wrong and I’ll be able to release it in the coming days. If something breaks on the way; however, I’m just going to scrap it and move on. I hate restarting when something goes corrupt, all the fun gets sucked out of it.

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