Alan Wake DLC dated for July

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Can’t get enough Alan Wake? oh… wait… my bad. Wish you could even play Alan Wake? Well good news for UK readers, you get to play the thriller tomorrow. US readers have to wait until the 18th.

Either way, the first batch of DLC is dated for July 27th, or 28th. The exact date is kinda blurry due to contradicting Microsoft dates, but my bet is the 27th since it is a Tuesday.

The DLC will not cost you anything, as long as you buy Alan Wake new. An included token will net you the DLC for free. For those of you who plan to rent or buy used, there is no set price on this DLC yet.

On another note, if you play the special edition disc on your xbox you gain an avatar award. So for all of you who want the avatar award, best start getting that last bit of money of your and put it towards the special edition.

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