Airplane Entertainment could include PSPs

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Have you ever been on a really long flight, they usually include in flight movies or a TV on the back of every seat so you can pick your own movies from a selection of choices. My favorite part is playing the games they have, that caveman puzzle game is awesome! I’ve logged 40 hours on that game during flights and because I always have to reset from the beginning still haven’t beaten it.

It has been recently announced that certain flights will include PSPs for your entertainment during long flights. IFE Services has announced a new partnership with SCEA to offer airlines the ability to add custom tailored PSPs to flights. These PSPs will be “fully certified for use in-flight,” and they will also include an extended life battery which offers up to 11 hours of playing time. IFE will also offer “comprehensive crew training” for flight attendants of interested airlines (Training on how to use a PSP? Certain flight attendants need to get with the program here!)

Just wait until we here a kid on a plain yell, “Come on! Come on he’s got the bomb! get him already you stupid AI!”

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