Whis Week on XBLA (April 12, 2010)

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Deal of the Week

This week’s Deal of the Week could possibly remind you why the AI in the original Left 4 Dead was more fun then its sequel.  If you haven’t already purchased the Crash Course DLC, now is a very good time to buy it and replay the first Left 4 Dead game. The DLC has been reduced from it’s normal price of 560MSP to 320MSP for this week only, and for Xbox Live gold members only. (This deal is not available everywhere)

This is a very good deal for any Left 4 Dead fan. The only downside is that it only consists 2 levels. According to valve; however, this 2 level DLC is meant to be streamlined specifically for versus mode. 250 achievement points are also included in the DLC. For only 320MSP, it is a very hard deal to pass up.

XBLA Release

Final Fight Double Impact will come to Xbox Live Arcade on Wednesday April 14th for 800 Microsoft Points. Play as classic characters as you explore and fight the brutal Mad Gear gang in Final Fight. Also included in the package is the fantasy hack and slash game, Magic Sword.

2 classic 2d side scrollers that consist of beating people up, or hacking and slashing. Either way the package should lead to hours of enjoyment to anyone who grew up playing the games in the arcade. The total comes to about 400MSP each, so it is a good bargain as well.

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  1. Final Fight is one of my all time favorite arcade games, and the price is right for the bundle.

    I can’t wait till Wednesday.


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