Tony Hawk: Shred confirmed

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Tony Hawk stated earlier this week that the next Tony Hawk title would be called Tony Hawk: Shred.

Activision has confirmed this, “We can confirm we’ve given a name to the next Tony Hawk game – Tony Hawk: SHRED, and more details will be revealed in the coming months.”

It will most likely be another game that uses the skateboard peripheral, so if you didn’t enjoy using the peripheral  in ride you will probably not enjoy this game either. Hopefully they update some of the functions on that skateboard to make it more enjoyable to use.


  1. It’s sad to see how this series was so amazing in the past, with Tony Hawks 1 and 2 (the best one), and today is just made of forgettable games, which no one really care about. Nice job Activision. :/

  2. activision can go to hell this game is goign to suck and so do they

  3. lol @FrankCastle66, but I’d have to agree… Anyone thats left at IW or Activision is either ignorant, Weetarded, or loves abuse.. Either way its a slap in the face to every singles game developer in the world to promise a team something, go back on your word, then try to sweeten up the ones left saying “they will get a bigger part of the pie” well wtf good is the pie if its A.) already eaten, b.)made with rotten ingrediants?

    Truth of the matter is I feel that anyone that stays with Activision after their actions, is no better then a SCAB who crosses picket lines.. (ie Derogatory term for a strikebreaker, a person who works despite strike action or against the will of other employees) Iwon’t have any respect for any teams that continue under the activision logo’s, and most likely willr efrain from buying anything from them, supporting them, or their decisions.

    Tony Hawk series has gone way downhill over the last few years, its like they took people off the project and have been pumping out the same ol’ BS since days of dreamcast and the original playstation, not sure about the last one with the skate peripheral, but I haven’t heard anything good about..

    I personally thing Tony Hawk should take control of his franchise back, and think about moving it some other production company, but he’s so stuck on Activision’s jock he wouldn’t even tweet out a Need for Speed quote, claiming he owe’s Activision so much… The idea of a skate peripheral in this day and age is absurd, especially considering the releases of the project natal, Playstation Move or even the wii motion controllers are better then the piss poor use of a skateboard with half motion designs.. The developers need to stick to Skating and making skating games more fun, stop wishing to be controller developers cuz you look really silly in compared to the teams behind the aforementioned controllers.

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