Sunday Analytical: The Impossible Avatar Getaway Vs. The Impossible Game

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Well, it is Sunday here in the United States, and I have another analytical article for you guys. I say analytical, because these are based heavily in my analysis or the analysis of a group which I then in turn analyze in further depth. Some of you may find them interesting, while others of you don’t really care. Either way, everything you are about to read is based on analysis, true stories, opinion and a bit of fact.

The following is an analysis of two indie games, The Impossible Avatar Getaway and The Impossible Game. A video is also included. This Analytical was going to be part of the last analyticalmtitlesiginality” last anytical e part of the last anytical “le Avatar Getaway and The Impossible Game. A video is also included  “Game Originality” for obvious reasons, but my mind shifted half way through and the analytical turned towards a slightly different point of view. However, I had the video that I had recorded and I had the chunks that were meant for the last analytical, no point letting good analysis go to waste. The following is not a review, just a breakdown of both games in a video format.


The Impossible Avatar Getaway Vs. The Impossible Game

The Impossible Avatar Getaway and The Impossible Game are two very similar games that follow the same premise, get to the end of the level without dying. The task is much harder than it sounds as both games require you to use precision timing to avoid hazards. The Impossible Game was created first and The Impossible Avatar Getaway followed later and was created by a different person. Both games have their strong points and weaknesses and although The Impossible Avatar Getaway improves on many aspects of The Impossible Game but also loses some of the better elements. The Video Below shows the strong points of both games as well as showing some gameplay of both.

Clearly both are very similar games with their own differences and their own strengths. You can also probably see how these games were going to be the basis of my “Game Originality” post before I shifted my thoughts. Both games are very fun and addicting and worth playing.

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