Procreate in Fable 3

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Just wait until the devil media get their hands on this one. (The devil media are the game hating, self doting, no research, old people you see complaining about side boob in Mass Effect.)

According to the Official Xbox Magazine, a new feature enables you to create children with your co-op partner in Fable 3. While you are not busy ruling your kingdom, you will “be able to enjoy, ahem, intimate moments with your co-op friend and eventually produce offspring together,” according to the magazine.

Put this along side of that GameCrush website, and we have a brothel in the making! Just pay the 10 minute fee.


  1. LOL hahaha a “Virtual Brothel” in the making !! LOL thats brilliant hahahaha I cant wait to try this one out when Fable comes out !!

    Also dont forget you can also hold hands and drag your co-op partner around and into dungeons with you … thats going to be fun especially when they see you holding hands and skipping down the middle of town !! 🙂 ahhh happy days ahead !!

  2. Heh

    This may be the first Fable I choose to be evil in. I will fill the land with evil little versapaks.

  3. i loved the first fable and then the second one was just alright in my eyes but this one seems like its going to be good but i am just going to have to wait to get my hands on it to see for sure but all and all i hope its good

  4. Ohhhhhh MasterAbbott, you just need to understand my feelings about you, this is like a dream coming true, can we have a child? lol 😛

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