Game Gripper prototype for Nokia N900 revealed

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Game Gripper Logo

Game Gripper is a mobile phone accessory that allows you to transform a mobile phone slide out keyboard into a game-centric joypad in a matter of seconds. Simply place it on top of the keyboard for some serious button smashing portable gaming. Currently only available for the Motorola Droid mobile phone, this accessory is gaining interest by users of other similar form factor mobile phones fast. Take a visit to their homepage to see some youtube videos of their Droid version in action.

Game Gripper Hompage

Nokia N900 users at, including myself, have requested for an N900 version of the accessory by filling out the request form on game gripper’s website. Nokia N900 is a perfect phone for such accessory as it is capable of running nearly all old school game emulators such as SNES, NES, GBA, SEGA MS, MAME etc. Game Gripper maker  listened and just recently have revealed a prototype pic of the N900 version of the game gripper. It’s looking very nice indeed. We hope to review one in the near future.

N900 Game Gripper Prototype

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