BattleField: Bad Company 2 DLC achievements fixed

News FPS Xbox 360 EA

Although they started off broken, the achievements that came along with the Battle Field: Bad Company 2 DLC have been fixed.

There are 4 achievements, one for each class, and they require that you finish all awards for each weapon – 5 kill streak, 8 kills in a round and 100 kills overall. That’s per DLC.

Each class’s new kit costs 160 points each or it’s 480 points for all 4.

The 4 achievements are:

  • SPECACT Assault Elite – 15
    Get all SPECACT Assault awards
  • SPECACT Engineer Elite – 15
    Get all SPECACT Engineer awards
  • SPECACT Medic Elite – 15
    Get all SPECACT Medic awards
  • SPECACT Recon Elite – 15
    Get all SPECACT Recon award

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