Aprils Fools: Pranks Around The Web

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First off, I don’t like April Fools day and now as press I’ve begun to dislike it even more. The main reason i don’t like April Fools day is because when i try to prank people I tend to take the joke way to far and end up with more hassle then is neccesary. Another reason I don’t like April Fools day is because whenever somebody does something stupid on this one particular day all they have to say is “Oh! April Fools! HAHAHA!” and then their stupidity is wiped off the screen. Now as press I’m stuck shifting through what is and isn’t an April Fools joke because i don’t want to feed our readers false information as fact, and not to mention many readers don’t even believe anything you say o April 1st anyway.  So i decided to take off today and not worry about it. Instead I have decided to provide the April fools jokes that have occurred around the web. Below are the some game related jokes, and below that are some website related jokes.


Blizzard managed to fool me. I usually expect 1 prank from online games, but these guys pulled off 4! I figured I had the joke pinned only to find out that all 4 were falsehoods a few minutes later. Read up on their “updates” by clicking the corresponding link and enjoy the hilarity.
Deckard Cain GPS voice pack
X-Treme Gamer Blanket
new equipment interface (EPEEN)
Battle.net’s new advanced matchmaking system


Halo Chess was announced in this Bungie Vidoc, but I am a little bit disappointed to find out that it was an April Fools joke. This looks like a fun minigame to play with a friend in the late hours when matchmaking isn’t as populated. Wait, something doesn’t sound right about that last statement…


A not so interesting joke is about Lara Croft going blonde. Really? couldn’t think of anything better? oh well, the full quote here:
“We’re adding a new and immersive dimension to gamer democratization with Laura Croft and the Guardian of Light. We want to bring empowerment to players by allowing them to dynamically make-over the tones of Laura’s hair from traditional brunette to killer blonde as we look to move into a new space while breaking down barriers and challenging accepted convention. During a deep-dive mindshare we asked ‘what would Laura do?’ And we concluded….. ‘she would do blonde’. We wanted to leverage that connection with Laura and take her back to her roots – only this time her roots are butterscotch blonde.”


Vitua Fighter 5: Final Showdown video, as sega parodies Tekken and Street Fighter.


Remedy: Alan Wake Wars, I have to say that the video jokes are by far the best. Everyone loves videos.


Sega announces Ecco: Water Wars 2, although a clear joke it was still fun to read.
“Today is a big day for us here at SEGA of America – and for aquatic wildlife across the world. Today we announce something that many of us have been waiting patiently for, our eager fins and flippers anxious. Today, we make it official – it’s time to reveal the North American-only exclusive sequel to one of the best-selling SEGA games ever not created: ECCO: WATER WARS 2!”

“As the first F.P.S. (First Porpoise Shooter) ever on a console, ECCO: WATER WARS 2 sees Ecco trapped by humans and forced to perform tricks on a daily basis for pudgy, cash-bloated tourists and families. When his pod’s turf is infringed upon by lost Russian submarines searching for a legendary signed copy of SEGA BASS FISHING, Ecco has no choice but to break free of his captors, steal their own technology, and hurl those weapons back with him into the seas.”


(The site is NSFW, it has many users who are very clear on their “Freedom of Speech” but the SFW stuff is fun, from movies to games created in flash. Many XBox Live Indie and Arcade developers started there. The Behemoth was actually created by the people who made Newgrounds.com so if you never heard of  the site I am amazed.)  Newgrounds Plays some pretty massive April Fools jokes every year, and this year Kevin Bacon came to the site. Read the post here. The day did produce some notable videos and games, as well as some not so notable ones. The most notable has to be the spoof on tremors, the game was  programmed by Tom Fulp (programmer for The Behemoth) and drawn by JohnyUtah in 1 day in preperation for the joke they were going to make. But that is 1 day Fulp could’ve been working on Battle Block Theater. Play the game here.

Not to mention that all first person nouns (I,ME,MY ect) became ‘Kevin Bacon’. IE “Kevin Bacon wrote this article, the April Fool’s jokes please Kevin Bacon very much.”

TEXTp format has come! Bet you never heard of it! Below is a video demonstrating TEXTp format since after April 1st it is no longer available.

Jagex pulls off elaborate jokes, but their jokes are so blown out of proportion that they are clearly false. Today they announced the development of a RuneScape amusement park. I would just like to state that it doesn’t sound very fun to start out with with only 2 main rides and a few attractions but whatever floats their boat. Read the announcement and see the map here.

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