Splinter Cell: Conviction Demo Walkthrough

PC Xbox 360 Ubisoft

Check out the optimal walkthrough of the Splinter Cell Conviction demo on normal difficulty in this video.
The game will release April 15th 2010 exclusively on Xbox 360 and PC.

The Video below was done by Ubisoft, and can be found on their Youtube Channel here.


  1. i quite enjoyed this demo and i will be getting this game the day it comes out i hope…thanks for the video

  2. Heard the demo was only 5 or 10 minutes long, does it really need optimizing?

  3. The demo was really fun, the only problem i have with the game is its supposed to be like go balls out and kill everyone, but its hard to kill people unless you melee someone and then do the auto mark/kill thing

  4. I read a lot of complains about the game being totally simplified, don’t know if that is really true, as there’s no demo for the PC.

  5. ooooh this may come in useful. I’ve been planning on downloading and playing the new Splinter Cell Demo since it came out and when I get enough spare time I will. Well, if I get stuck I’ll know where to come.

  6. @LeperMessiah43

    Actually the Splinter Cell games have a high emphasis on stealth. Doesn’t show to much in this video as there are multiple ways to do just about everything but you’re supposed to have time to line up your shot, decide who to kill first and what you can use in your surroundings as an advantage. I can pretty much guarantee that there will be a way to do all of those things at least 99% of the time in the game.

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