Splinter Cell: Conviction coming to the PC two weeks after the XBox 360

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Many of you are probably enjoying the Splinter Cell: Conviction demo on your Xbox 360. Sadly PC users don’t have a demo, and I have even more bad news for you guys. The release date of April 13 only applies for the Xbox 360 version. All PC gamers will have to wait an extra 2 weeks to play.

Here is the choice you can make: play the game at a friends house when he buys it for his Xbox 360, or wait two weeks before you can sneak around and kill people. The choice is yours.


  1. Two weeks is ok, no big deal. The problem is that horrible DRM which Ubisoft is currently using in all their PC releases.

  2. Wasn’t the game supposed to originally be a 360 only release? If that is the case then this is really no problem with a little delay. Yes though I have heard of the DRM on the PC games causing a lot of problems (including people hacking Ubisofts website)

  3. i would be excited for this but my computer isnt good so i cant run this and i already played it for 360 and loved it i am getting this day one

  4. Hmmm, hope Ubi prepared a lot , because Assassin’s Creed 2 DRM was cracked in the first day. In my opinion PC gaming is just dragging the game industry down, because EVERY game EVER released on PC is cracked. But i guess it runs better on a 1000$ computer than on a 199$ console.

  5. You can play nearly all games released these days with a 500$ computer. Every game released on the 360 are cracked too, the piracy on the PC hurts more, thats true, but Steam and other digital services are helping to change this.

    Developers and publishers should just change the way they treat us as customers, making the legit buyers suffers from the piracy is not the right way.

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