Skate 3 coming May 11


EA has finally narrowed down the release day for Skate 3.

On May 11, everyone in North America will be able to live out their dreams once again as a pro skater while not getting the fame or fortune.The game will be available May 14 everywhere else.

Skate 2 was widely excepted and loved, how many of you will be getting Skate 3?


  1. I still prefer the first, didn’t even know there was a third in the works. Let’s hope this don’t follow the wrong way like the (once amazing) Tony Hawks series did.

  2. This one’s for my hubby. It should ease his pain of not being a pro speed skater. LOL! Looks good.

  3. I don’t think that Skate 2 was very good the co-op may be better but i doubt it

  4. i am not a big fan of these games but i might rent it sometime

  5. I’ve played so much Skate 2, can’t wait.

  6. I don’t know that I am ready for another just yet. My love of the genre has definitely tapered off a bit.

    Hopefully there will be a demo.

  7. the last skate game i played and actually enjoyed was tony hawk’s underground 2…i wonder if this could be the next one

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