Red Dead Redemption – “Life In The West” video

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Straight from the horses mouth.

Part three in the Red Dead Redemption Gameplay Series of videos, “Life In The West” takes a deeper look at the struggle for survival on the frontier, from the everyday activities of life on the land such as breaking horses and herding cattle, to the use of stagecoaches and trains for fast travel.

The video tours you through life in the rapidly expanding town of Blackwater in the North, to the forts across the frontier of New Austin, to the towns of a Mexico rocked by revolution in the border territories of Nuevo Paraiso.

Watch and discover the people, places and activities that populate the vast and beautiful world of Red Dead Redemption.

Let us know what you think of this cool video.  Who’s excited about Red Dead Redemption

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  1. i am getting this game … day one i decided that a long time ago

  2. this game looks amazing

  3. This can ends being one of the best games of this generation, the different style is really welcome too.

  4. I watched this yesterday, I like how they tried so hard to give everything life. I can’t wait, looks like a better and more polished version of GUN

  5. never was a fan of western based games, but rockstar never let me down

  6. Hmmm. Not really my thing.

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