MW2 Community Night – How it’s going to work

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Hi all,

Just a post on how the community night is going to work TONIGHT.

We’ve had an amazing response to the night, we all have full friends lists, so am thinking about 200 odd people want to play. Whether they show up is a different story.

We are going to setup a private room, which can hold 18 people.  With the 4 of us from Capsule Computers, we can have another 14 people.  So those people who did send friends requests, look out for our names, when a spot is free, join the session.

After you have played a few/couple of games, can you leave the room so someone else can join in.  We want to give everyone a chance to play and everyone a chance to win a prize.  Sound fair?

Please don’t send us a message asking when you can join, I don’t want to spend half the night reading messages – I will read them, but not during the game and may not reply.

About the prizes – don’t ask about them all night please – they are an added extra.  We are going to be picking people randomly at the end of the night and we will be in contact with you.  We will also put a post on the website once we have the list.

So, see you all, or most of you after 8pm tonight!



  1. hope to see ya there

  2. It was great fun! Thanks to all who showed up and got backstabbed by me 😉

  3. Sounds like a lot of fun.

  4. Thanks guys for the game night you should do it more often hope we can do it soon

  5. If I had MW2, I’d try to be there! 😛

  6. As always: Have fun guys!

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