Mass Effect 2 on sale on Amazon

PC Xbox 360

I shouldn’t have to tell anyone this, because everyone already owns Mass Effect 2. If for some reason you don’t, then keep reading. If you do own it, like I suspect everyone does, you may continue on your merry way.

Amazon has both the Xbox 360 ($40) and the PC ($30) versions on sale and even the special edition for the PC ($38). So if you are still reading this, it means you don’t own the game, and you should click the corresponding link below to order it NOW!!

Xbox 360

PC (special edition)


  1. this deal gives me a happy face but i still am going to barrow it off my friend instead of buying it

  2. It is on sale for $40 at Best Buy in the USA also.

    ME2 is an amazing game, and at that price it is a steal.

  3. This game deserves every penny. I’m so glad i bought the Collector’s Edition. And with Cerberus Network is even greater, because they’re giving away free DLCs. And now the news that Mass Effect 3 is in developement… Bioware…is…amazing

  4. I’m so happy that this game did so well. Mass Effect 1 didn’t get the love it deserved and it’s pretty sweet that Mass Effect 2 sold more than ME1 in the first week it was released, although people are missing out on ME1.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is if anyone is capitalizing on this deal, you should use the money you’re saving to buy ME1 because they really are a package and ME2 won’t be nearly as great without it.

  5. ME2 really took the series forward, it’s incredible what Bioware did to promote this sequel, which deserved, of course.

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