Mass Effect 2 DLC coming March 23rd

PC Xbox 360

2 DLC is coming to Mass Effect 2 on March 23rd.

The picture above shows the new costumes that come with the ‘Alternate Appearance Pack’ DLC. This DLC will cost you about $2 on the XBox 360 and PC.

The second DLC is coming to your guys for free from the games Cerberus Network. The ‘Firewalker’ will enable you to drive the Hammerhead hover tank, the pack also includes five missions that utilize the new vehicle. I’d suggest to everyone who gave up on getting the Cerberus Network working, to get cracking and try again.


  1. Man oh man I have been waiting to use the Hammerhead since the game release I miss the days where I could ride the Mako around in Mass Effect 1. It’s one of the few things I preferred about Mass Effect 1. The costumes are okay too.

  2. the tank would be nice even tho i don’t have the network so i wouldn’t get it free and i don’t like to pay for in game costumes i don’t think its worth it

  3. Now this i don’t get…they release a 5 mission pack for free, but they charge for some measly costumes. Oh well, at least i’ll pay for the Kasumi mission when it will be released. Bioware is releasing hit after hit. I don’t remember one game that dissapointed me.

  4. I’m looking forward to Kasumi’s DLC too, i liked what they said about her, and her trailer too. But it’s really weird to see these costumes being a paid DLC while The Firewalker is another free one.

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