Lost Planet 2 Website now officially up and running


Capcom have announced that the new Lost Planet 2 website is now up and running and ready to kick some butt. There’s plenty of cool stuff like new videos, screens, images of Vital Suits, Akrid, a map of the episodes, and heaps more.

Check it out here !! Lost Planet 2 Official Website

Who’s pumped for Lost Planet .. will you play as Wesker, Dom or the legendary Marcus Fenix ?  Or will stay true to the game and play as one of the original characters ?

Play Hard Or Don't Play At All!


  1. “will stay true to the game and play as one of the original characters” is my answer.

  2. I like variety so I’d switch around.

  3. Not playing unless the T-ENG system is nerfed. It wasn’t a big deal on easy, but the hard difficulty (on the first game) was nearly impossible.

  4. I know a lot of fanboys are up and arms about the gimmick, but I never played the first Lost Planet, so the fusing of the GoW and LP universes is more amusing than offensive to me. I’d give them all a go to see what’s different.

  5. You think capcom would learn by now to ignore PC users does nothing but make sure I almost never buy the title on the console…

    I mean can you imagine the 3d in this game.. so sad…
    Hey Capcom Take Note & do Better next time 😉

  6. Wow I look at 3 different sites and this is the only one that pointed this out. Thanks.

  7. i liked the first one a lot so i am going to have to check this one out the giant monsters seem pretty interesting

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