Left 4 Dead 2 DLC pushed back, details explained and priced

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A video was broadcasted today to Xbox Live Subscribers in the U.K. by valve which stated that Left 4 Dead 2‘s DLC “The Passing” will not be ready by March 31st as stated earlier. Instead now the date has been changed to sometime during the “spring” which is much more vague and gives Valve a much wider window to release the DLC.

Not all bad news however was shown in the video. Now there is at least a price tag accompanying it, 560 MSp, or $7.

There was also news of new features being added in, such as a new weapon called the M-60 anti-personnel rifle. This gun is fearsome in firepower, however has no ability to reload, which means when it’s empty, it’s gone. You can also play golf with zombie eyeballs now as there will be a golf club included with the melee weapons with the purchase of this DLC. Not only that, but you may really want to avoid the new type of witch, this one seems to be crying because she was stood up at the altar with her wedding dress on. Plus the addition of a new special infected, described as an initial survivor who became infected that is loaded with molotov cocktails.

Well, it’s good that they provided the pricing, but it is sad news that they are pushing back this DLC. Especially so close to the initial release date they pushed it back. What does everyone think about the fact it comes with a pricetag like this? And are these new features mentioned now pretty interesting when coupled with The Passing?

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