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Fishpond have announced their LAST deals before the end of the month !! AND THESE ONES ARE ABSOLUTELY CRAZY !! … Check out the BARGAINS on both Games and Consoles !! GRAB THEM FAST before they dissaprear !!  At these prices don’t expect them to be on special for too long.  Once they run out of stock they will revert back to regular prices !!!


Forza Motorsport 3 $29.99 SAVE $70 
NBA 2K10 360 $29.99 SAVE $70
Bayonetta PS3 $39.99 SAVE $60
WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2010 PS2 $9.99 SAVE $40
Dark Void PS3 $29.99 SAVE $80 **CRAZY DEAL **
Dark Void 360 $29.99 SAVE $80 **CRAZY DEAL **
FIFA 10 360 $39.99 SAVE $70 
Tekken 6 360 $39.99 SAVE $80
Harvest Moon Island of Happiness DS $9.99 SAVE $60
Ashes Cricket 2009 360 $29.99 SAVE $70
Ashes Cricket 2009 PS3 $29.99 SAVE $70 

Consoles & Bundles

DSI Console Matte White $199 33 SAVE $100 ** CRAZY PRICE !! **

Wii Sports Resort & Motion Plus $49.99 SAVE $50

360 Elite Gamers Bundle With 1 x Xbox 360 Elite – 120GB Console, 1 x Genuine Wireless Black 360 Controller, 1 x Halo 3 ODST, 1 x Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 $539.99 Save $208 **MAD DEAL !! **

DJ Hero Renegade Edition Wii $129.99 Save $170
DJ Hero Renegade Edition 360 $129.99 Save $170
Band Hero Bundle PS2 $169.99 Save $130
Band Hero Bundle 360 $179.99 Save $150 ** CRAZY DEAL **
Band Hero Bundle PS3 $179.99 Save $150
DJ Hero (Bundle) PS3 $99.99 Save $80

PSP GO $329.99 Save $120 ** SUPER HOT CRAZY MAD DEAL !! **

Tekken 6 Arcade Stick Bundle 360 $109.99 Save $160
Tekken 6 Limited Edition With Hoodie PS3 $69.99 Save $100
Tekken 6 Limited Edition With Hoodie 360 $69.99 Save $80



We have some further updates to Fishponds CRAZY MARCH MADNESS DEALS !! Check them out below and the rest of the existing deals they have at the moment !! Grab a bargain quick as once the games run out of stock they revert back to their regular prices !!


 God of War III [PS3] Click on Image to buy

God Of War III  it is $$71.99 use Voucher :  TENTFISH to get a $10 Discount

Uncharted 2 Among Thieves $59.99 SAVE $50 ** SUPER DEAL !!!! **

Wii Remote $$49.95 SAVE – $20

Wii Sports Resort & Motion Plus $69.99 SAVE $40

Play TV PS3 $139.99 SAVE $30

Wii Nunchuck (white) $24.99 SAVE 17%

Mario Kart + Wii Steering Wheel $59.99 SAVE $40 **BARGAIN**

Scribblenauts $29.99 SAVE $30

Jewel Quest Expeditions DS $19.99 SAVE $30

Lego Indiana Jones 2 Wii $39.99 SAVE $40

Classic Word Games DS $29.99 SAVE $20

PS3 Genuine Singstar Microphones $69.99 SAVE $10

Professor Layton & The Curious Village 19.99 SAVE $50 ** SPECIAL **

Professor Layton & Pandora’s Box 19.99 SAVE $50 ** SPECIAL **

Xbox 360 Live 1500 Microsoft Points Card $19.99 SAVE $6

Tekken 6 PS3 $49.99 SAVE $70

Tekken 6 360 $39.99 SAVE $80 **CRAZY DEAL !! **

Mario & Sonic & The Winter Olympics Wii $39.99 SAVE $60

Pokemon Platinum NDS $39.99 SAVE $30

EA Sports Active More Workouts $19.99 SAVE $60 **SUPER BARGAIN **

Forza 3 360 $39.99 SAVE $60

Borderlands PS3 $39.99 SAVE $60 ** CRAZY DEAL !! **

Wii Wheel $12.99 SAVE $7 

Zelda Spirit Tracks DS $29.99 SAVE $40

WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2010 PS3 $39.99 SAVE $70

FISHPOND have announced that they have EVEN MORE REDUCTIONS !!! Check out these CRAZY MARCH MADNESS DEALS below along with the existing deals on games and consoles further down : 

Further Reductions: Click on links below to pick up a bargain !!

FIFA 10 360 $59.99
FIFA 10 PS3 $55.99
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 Wii $31.99 

Tekken 6 Collectors Edition 360 $79.97 Save $70 ** RED HOT DEAL
James Camerons Avatar The Game Collectors Edition PS3 $55.99
Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games Wii $55.95

New Super Mario Bros DS $31.97
Professor Layton & The Curious Village DS $31.95
Professor Layton & Pandora’s Box DS $29.99

PS2 Console (Slim-line) Internal Power Supply $103.96

Additions :

Wii Starter Soft Bundle (including 1 x Wii Sports Resort & Motion Plus, 1 x Mario Kart + Wii Steering Wheel & 1 x New Super Mario Bros Wii) Only $179.99 SAVE $120 ** RED HOT DEAL !!

Genuine Wireless Dualshock 3 Controller PS3 $69.99 Save $30
Genuine BD Remote Control PS3 $29.99 Save $10

Cricket With Bonus Mini Kookaburra Cricket Bat Wii $59.99 Save $20
Sonic Classic Collection Ltd Edition $39.99 Save $20

As mentioned before these deals are only while stocks last.


Fishpond have released their MEGA GAME SPECIAL MARCH SALE PROMOTION.  The specials have already started and will end at the end of the month & only available while stocks last, All specials dont require any coupons & codes will not be accepted.  If you live in Australia remember anything you purchase over $49.99 will include FREE SHIPPING.   **REMEMBER you do not have to live in Australia to take advantage of these fantastic bargains  ** 


Check out the links below to the March Specials.  Right below that is the entire list of games on special this march ranging from Xbox, Playstation, Nitendo, DS and even Consoles. 

Clicking on the links below will take you to Specials pages for March 






Also NOTE :  If you purchase anything from Fishpond make sure you check out our Mega Capsule Computer & Fishpond Competition.  You could win some great titles like Modern Warfare 2, Halo 3 ODST & Eye Pet !!! 


Check out the list below and use the search engine to take you straight to your game for easy purchase. 




List of all games on special :

360Ashes Cricket 2009$79.99
360Assassins Creed 2$74.99
360Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2$79.99
360Dark Void$69.99
360Darksiders Wrath of War$69.99
360FIFA 10$79.99
360FIFA 10$79.99
360Forza Motorsport 3$69.99
360Gears of War 2$29.99
360Grand Theft Auto 4$29.99
360Grand Theft Auto 4 Episodes from Liberty City$39.99
360Halo 3 ODST$39.99
360Legend Of Spyro Dawn Of The Dragon$19.99
360Magna Carta 2$49.99
360Mass Effect 2$74.99
360Mass Effect 2 Tin Case Collectors Edition$89.99
360Mass Effect 2 Tin Case Collector’s Edition$74.99
360MX Vs ATV Reflex$69.99
360NBA 2K10$59.99
360Need For Speed Shift$69.99
360Oblivion Game Of The Year$49.99
360Operation Flashpoint 2 Dragon Rising$49.99
360Section 8$39.99
360Tekken 6$79.99
360Tekken 6 Collectors Edition$99.99
360The Beatles Rock Band$29.99
360Tropico 3$49.99
360UEFA Euro 2008$19.99
360Xbox 360 Genuine Live 12 mths Gold Subscription$64.99
360Xbox 360 Genuine Live 1500 Microsoft Points Card$24.99
360Xbox 360 Genuine Live 3000 Microsoft Points Card$39.99
360Xbox 360 Genuine Wireless Controller Black$64.99
ConsoleNintendo DS Console Lite White$159.95
ConsoleDSI Console Matte White$239.99
ConsoleXbox 360 Console Elite$349.00
ConsoleNintendo DS Console Lite Ice Blue$159.95
ConsolePlayStation Portable GO$329.99
ConsoleNintendo DS Console Lite Pink$159.95
ConsoleDSI Pink Console$239.99
ConsolePS2 Console$129.95
ConsoleXbox 360 Console Arcade$229.00
DSAnimal Crossing Wild World$39.99
DSBig Bang Mini$29.99
DSBiggest Loser$39.99
DSCombat Of Giants Dinosaurs$19.99
DSCombat of Giants Dragons$19.99
DSCooking Mama 2$39.99
DSDisney Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force$39.99
DSDora Puppy$29.99
DSDrawn To Life SSE$29.99
DSFlips Artemis Fowl$39.99
DSFlips Cathy Cassidy$39.99
DSFlips Faraway Tree Stories$39.99
DSFlips Too Ghool for School$39.99
DSGardening Mama$49.99
DSGirls Life Fashion Addict$19.99
DSGirls Life Jewellery Style$19.99
DSGirls Life Makeover$19.99
DSHarvest Moon$29.99
DSHarvest Moon Island of Happiness$29.99
DSHigh School Musical 3$19.99
DSImagine Baby Club$19.99
DSImagine Beauty Stylist$19.99
DSImagine Detective Adventures$19.99
DSImagine Doctor$19.99
DSImagine Figure Skater$19.99
DSImagine Interior Designer$19.99
DSImagine Modern Dancer$19.99
DSImagine Movie Star$19.99
DSImagine Party Planner$19.99
DSImagine Teacher$19.99
DSKirby Super Star Ultra$29.99
DSLegend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass$39.99
DSLegend of Zelda Spirit Tracks$49.99
DSLittlest Pet Shop: Spring$19.99
DSMario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games$39.99
DSMushroom Men Rise of the Fungi$19.99
DSMy Secret World$19.99
DSNew Super Mario Bros$39.99
DSPetz My Baby Panda$19.99
DSPetz My Horsez Family$19.99
DSPetz My Kitty Family$19.99
DSPetz My Monkey Family$19.99
DSPetz My Puppy Family$19.99
DSPlanet Rescue Endangered Island$19.99
DSPogo Island$29.99
DSPokemon Mystery Dungeon$24.99
DSPokemon Platinum$49.99
DSPokemon Ranger Shadows of Alma$29.99
DSProfessor Layton & Pandora’s Box$39.99
DSProfessor Layton & The Curious Village$39.99
DSSim Animals$19.90
DSSimCity Creator$19.99
DSSpongebob’s Truth or Square$29.99
DSTamagotchi Connexion$19.99
DSThe Sims 2 Pets$19.99
DSValkyrie Profile$29.99
DSZoo Tycoon 2$29.99
PCThe Sims 3 World Adventures$39.99
PCDragon Age Origins$69.99
PCCall of Duty Modern Warfare 2$69.99
PCHells Kitchen$7.99
PCPowerwave Controller$14.99
PC60 Day Time Card – Aion$29.99
PCOperation Flashpoint 2 Dragon Rising$59.99
PCSection 8$49.99
PCCloudy With A Chance of Meatballs$7.99
PCEnemy Territory Quake Wars$14.99
PS2WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2010$29.99
PS2SingStar Bollywood$29.99
PS2Guitar Hero 5$49.99
PS2FIFA 10$39.99
PS2Playmax Memory Card – 16 MB$16.99
PS2Sing Star Disney (Game Only)$39.99
PS3Ashes Cricket 2009$79.99
PS3Assassins Creed 2$74.99
PS3Batman Arkham Asylum$79.99
PS3Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2$79.99
PS3Dark Void$69.99
PS3Darksiders Wrath of War$69.99
PS3Dragon Age Origins$89.99
PS3FIFA 10$69.99
PS3Genuine BD Remote Control$34.99
PS3Genuine Sing Star Wireless Microphones$59.99
PS3Gran Turismo 5 Prologue$39.99
PS3Jak and Daxter The Lost Frontier$19.99
PS3James Camerons Avatar The Game$69.99
PS3James Camerons Avatar The Game CE$69.99
PS3Legend Of Spyro Dawn Of The Dragon$29.99
PS3Lego Batman$39.99
PS3LEGO Rock Band$39.99
PS3Mad Catz MW2 Controller White$59.99
PS3Midnight Club Los Angeles Complete$29.99
PS3NBA 2K10$59.99
PS3Need For Speed Shift$69.99
PS3Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2$59.99
PS3Operation Flashpoint 2 Dragon Rising$49.99
PS3Powerwave Memory Card Converter$8.99
PS3Ratchet and Clank A Crack In Time$69.99
PS3Sacred 2 Fallen Angel$79.99
PS3Sing Star Motown$34.99
PS3Tekken 6$79.99
PS3The Beatles Rock Band$29.99
PS3The Beatles Rock Band Sing Star Bundle$59.99
PS3WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2010$69.99
PS3/360Vision Console Bag for PS3 & X360$24.99
PSPVision Screen Protectors$14.99
PSPArmy of Two The 40th Day$34.99
PSPStar Wars Battlefront Elite Squadron$49.99
PSPPowerwave Ultimate Pack$22.99
WiiBratz: Girls Really Rock$19.99
WiiCars Race O Rama Racing Wheel Bundle$39.99
WiiCastlevania Judgment$29.99
WiiDrawn To Life The Next Chapter$49.99
WiiEA Sports Active More Workouts$59.99
WiiEA Sports Active Peripherals Box$19.99
WiiFinal Fantasy Crystal Chronicles$19.99
WiiG Force$49.99
WiiGo Diego Go The Great Dinosaur Rescue$29.99
WiiGolds Gym Cardio Workout$39.99
WiiGuitar Hero Greatest Hits$59.99
WiiHarvest Moon$49.99
WiiHarvest Moon Magical Melody$39.99
WiiHasbro Family Game Night$29.99
WiiJillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum$49.99
WiiLegend Of Spyro Dawn Of The Dragon$49.99
WiiMario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games$69.99
WiiMy Sims Kingdom$19.99
WiiMy Sims Racing$39.99
WiiNEW U Fitness First$59.99
WiiNintendo Points 1000$12.99
WiiPowerwave Laser Sword$14.99
WiiScene It Bright Lights Big Screen$49.99
WiiScooby Doo First Frights$49.99
WiiTiger Woods PGA Tour 10$39.99
WiiTrauma Center New Blood$22.99
WiiWe Love Golf$19.99
WiiWii Fit Plus Bundle$139.99
WiiWii Motion Plus$22.99
WiiWii Remote + Wii Play$59.99
WiiWii Wheel$14.99
WiiWWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2010$39.99
XboxLeisure Suit Larry$7.99
Let us know what bargains you have picked up.  Make sure you grab them quick before they run out the door 🙂
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  7. Some nice deals for Mass Effect 2 and his collectors edition!

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