Alan Wake Avatar Items Now Available On Xbox Live Marketplace

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Who here loves to dress their virtual avatar’s up with virtual clothes and props and stuff ?  Well if you’re one of those people that really can get enough of that marvellous stuff then and you love Alan Wake.  Then you’ve hit the Jackpot.  Check out the Xbox Live Marketplace right now and get yourself some cool Alan Wake clothing and props.  This is only half of the stuff available so click on the link below and check out the rest

Alan Wake Avatar Items

Who’s going to grab themself some Alan Wake stuff ?  Let us know what you pick up.  I think the flashlight is pretty cool.

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  1. the logger outfit and viking helmet look cool…rest of them…not rlly

  2. I can’t wait for the game, but unless they are free as promotion or awards, I have no interest in avatar clothes.

  3. I will never pay for something like this.

  4. I think avatar clothing is the stupidest thing. You buy a few things and you could have already had an arcade game

  5. yeah i stopped buying stuff like that because i am completely content with how my avatar looks

  6. all this stuff is dumb, and what does a viking helmet have to do with alan wake?

  7. The viking helmet’s cool. He doesn’t seem to have a great fashion sense though. Get with it, Alan.

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