‘Street Fighter IV’ Ha-do-ken’ing its way to the App Store VERY SOON !!

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This is a certainly ZOMG moment !! For all you die hard Capcom fans addicted to the most popular fighting game ever created !! The Street Fighter series, and most recently Street Fighter IV we have some fantastic news.

Capcom has just announced that Street Fighter IV will be making its way to the iPhone and iTouch iPod VERY SOON !!  I hope you were all sitting down whilst reading this as I’m finding it hard to believe that this is even possible.  BUT Ladies and Gentlemen it is !! 

You’d be surprised what you can do on that little thing called a iPhone these days 😉

Street Fighter IV is set to arrive to the App Store sometime next month. (MARCH 2010)  Now the important facts and questions you’re all going to be asking and I know exactly what most of you are probably saying right about now :  “AHHH This is a just some sort of dodgy port that’s got crappy graphics and annoying controls”

Well let me stop you right here.  Capcom have taken the conversion of Steet Fighter IV very seriously, with months of extensive testing,  perfecting the virtual control system to make it as easy and as presice as possible, this is certainly one of the most important aspects of Street Fighter, you need to ensure that you can pull off those super ultra combos with ease and Capcom believe that they have nailed it in this department.

Capcom have also tweaked Street Fighter IV to use every inch of the iPhones capabilities and resources, the visuals and character models are the same as the Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC versions but slightly scaled down, with little loss of detail or color which is great achievement.  All the Characters will have their complete move list along with Ultra Combo which will also be animated when pulled off successfully !!

At this moment in time the amount of playable characters are unknown to us but if your a fan of Ryu and Ken rest assured Street Fighter will not be Street Fighter without these two legendary fighters at the helm so they’ll certainly be present.  One thing we can confirm is that Capcom have advised there will be a fine mix of both original classic Street Fighters as well as the new characters from Street Fighrer IV.

Finally at the moment there is no tak of actual online gameplay but Street Fighter will support bluetooth battles and tournaments with mates.  Which is better than a Ha-Do-Ken in the head 😉

Let us know what you think of this Amazing news.  Do you think Capcom can actually pull it off ?  From the screenshots that IGN have posted on their website I believe its possible.  Your thoughts 🙂

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  1. Let’s hope they add in some Super Street Fighter IV chars in for good measure. Juri, please!

  2. I like the iPhone for those simple games, like puzzles and adventures. Even if it turns out well, fighting games is something i would definitely skip from playing on a iPhone.

  3. Lets hope so 🙂

  4. I’m curious as to how this will turn out.
    Also, are those just sprites, or 3D models? That would be fairly impressive if it’s all 3D.

  5. Not crazy bout iphone but I love I love anyway!

  6. Looks like pre-rendered sprites… 🙁 looks ugly!

    And the controls will suck, i think…

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