PURE CREATIVE GENIUS !! The Last Story is going to be Brilliant !!

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When you look at a cloud, what do you see.  Can you make things out, like an apple, a car, a person etc.  Well Hironobu Sakaguchi-san the creative genius and founder of Mistwalker Studios who will be unleashing “The Last Story” upon the world soon for the Nintendo Wii saw this amazing image from a photo he took in the morning as the sun was rising over the horizon,  it’s first rays of the day blended with the dull grey clouds breathing life into them and creating a most memorable illusion of a magnificent Golden Dragon with its head bowed down towards the Earth as if it is watching over us. 

If this is what Sakaguchi-san can do with a simple cloud, imagine what we can only expect from The Last Story.

Read Sakaguchi-san’s post on how this magnificent dragon inspired him and the development of The Last Story at his official column at Mistwalker here

What do you all think of this amazing and creative work of art from Sakaguchi-san, leave a comment below.

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  1. This can be an important project for the Wii! Keep the good work Mistwalker!

  2. Great work Mistwalker

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