Games Released this week

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There are quite a lot of fantastic games released this week.  Check them all out !! Which ones have you already picked up, pre-ordered or will be getting this week ?

Monday (Feb. 8)
Family Party: 30 Great Games Winter Fun (Wii)
N.E.O. Online (PC)
Star Ocean The Last Hope: International (PS3)

Tuesday (Feb. 9)
Best Friends Tonight (DS)
BioShock 2 (PC, PS3, 360)
Dante’s Inferno (PS3, 360)
Rock Blast (Wii)
Scene It? Twilight (DS)
Shiren the Wanderer (Wii)
Sins of a Solar Empire: Trinity (PC)
Square Logic (PC)
Super Monkey Ball: Step & Roll (Wii)
The Daring Game for Girls (DS)
World Cup Of Pool (DS)

Wednesday (Feb. 10)
Bookworm Adventures (DS)
Darwinia+ (360)
Stargate Resistance (PC)
Windchaser (PC)

Thursday (Feb. 11)
Galcon Fusion (PC)

Friday (Feb. 12)
World of Outlaws: Sprint Cars (360)
Zorro: Quest for Justice (DS)

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  1. Looks like a good line-up – but due to other unforeseeable circumstances, I can’t get any. I also am a bit addicted to MW2 at the moment. Prestige 10 is eating at me.

  2. I hope ur not boosting 😉

  3. The new Star Ocean looks cool, but i will wait for an deal.

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