FREE Copy of Red Faction: Guerilla

THQ Nordic

For all of you that bought an early copy of Darksiders when it first came out.  There was a coupon in there with some sort of code on it.  Well if you didn’t throw it away or give it to your goat to chew on, then your in SUPER luck right about now !!

The Darksiders Community Site, have announced that all you lucky peeps who held on to this special code will be getting a few little presents.

First thing you’ll all get is a digital Hellbook disc with fantastic artwork, amazing videos and other cool bonus material.

AND secondly you all get a free copy of Red Faction: Guerilla.

Now make sure you head on over to the Darksiders Community site and follow the trail of War’s Destruction till you get to “Enter Your Code” screen.  From what I’ve heard you must pay for shipping, but that’s nothing compared to the great stuff your gonna get.

Hurry and get it done now as this offer is valid till the 7th of March and only for US Citizens.

Let us know if your one of the lucky peeps that have taken advantage of this fantastic deal

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