Final Fantasy Screenshots and Trailer for iPhone

iPhone Square Enix

Square Enix has released the first trailer for Final Fantasy for the iPhone. Both Final Fantasy I & II will be available as mentioned in our previous article. So far no release date has been announced. But for now drool over the trailer and get ready to take Final Fantasy anywhere you go really really soon 😉

Who’s gonna pick this one up when it’s released for the iPhone ?   I know I will be, the amount of work that Square Enix have done in re-mastering this classic game is amazing.  If your a fan of the Final Fantasy series this is a must !!

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  1. haha, i might get this…if only i had an iphone/itouch
    but this does seem fun, and time consuming

  2. No kidding, looks like ol school final fantasy on the nintendo

  3. I still like the first Final Fantasy, but always tried to like the second without sucess. 🙁

  4. Oh, wow. Can’t wait for this, might actually pick this up.

  5. Nice, although I’ve already beaten FFI and II on too many consoles to count…it could become to most remade game ever.

  6. This is making me want to get an Itouch, it seems developers are starting to really focus on the Apple products, and I can’t say that’s a badt thing.

  7. Once again, a game that comes out for ipod/iphone and I don’t have one. I’m going to really start looking into getting one. Overall though the game itself looks pretty good.

  8. I agree! Old school FF on my phone! ^_^ If ur like me and played FF on a tiny & I mean tiny TV you might love this but…. I am DONE w/tiny Tv/games! lol

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