3d Dot Game Heroes – Character Editor

RPG Playstation 3

Many gamers are eagerly awaiting 3D Dot Game Heroes for the PS3 Network and so are we at Capsule Computers. Want to know a little more about it?

Well, the character editor was explained by Atlus  on the Playstation.Blog.

This game is looking more awesome every second!!
I’m sure MasterAbott will be making a Monk character for himself, even though a monkey would be more fitting. Shh, don’t tell him i said that!

3d Dot Game Heroes will be available May 11th.
3d Dot Game Heroes Website

So whether or not you are going to buy this game, what would your hero look like?


  1. The retro style and look of this game is really unique, a nice zelda-like game for the PS3!

  2. Wait, this is going to be PS3 exclusive? I thought 360 was gonna get it too?

  3. For the moment it’s PS3 only.

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