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Senior Editor at Capsule Computers : Duraroc wanted to convey his thoughts and feelings to all of us about the future of Windows Mobile Gaming… Is it the Future ? The Past OR the STONE AGES ????  Enjoy this hilarious & cool article that also includes 3 YES 3 game reviews 😉   *now please rememeber this all in good fun no HTC Touch HD feelings were hurt in the making of this article*

Hi Everyone, DuraRoc here, I have not one but 3 reviews for you today and it is from something a little different.

I have a HTC Touch HD running Windows Mobile 6.5 with HTC own front end.  It’s a very sexy phone and it does everything of a phone that I ask of it.  I also use it to watch movies at 800×400 resolution on its 4.1” screen.  Sometimes I also listen to the great FM radio.  Hamish and Andy on the way home always make me laugh, and I always cop funny looks from my laughter on the train home.  For those overseas viewers, you can download Hamish and Andy’s Podcast’s from iTunes.

What the phone does have, is 3 of the best games I have ever played on Windows Mobile.  They keep me very busy on the train to and from work, they also keep the kids busy when the kids need some distracting.  I will convey my thoughts below and you may think, these are old games, with everything else out there today, why would I bother  with these.  Let me just say that all 3 games are timeless.  Who remembers playing Solitaire 15 years ago on Win 3.0?  Come on don’t be shy you can tell Uncle DuraRoc.  Anyways, here are my thoughts on these 3 fantastic games!!!

Bubble Breaker


The game is simple, get rid of the bubbles, trying to match the colours with as many as you can for higher points.  There are a few modes to keep everyone entertained, Standard as shown in the screenshot, Continuous, Shifter and the one I love the most MegaShift.  I can also play the game Landscape or Portrait mode.  Yeah you just trying doing that on a iPhone with GTA!! 😛

Anyway, back to the game.  Trying to convey my thoughts on this game is quite hard, as you can see it’s looks simple but is fantastic – I remember one day playing this on the train and being so immersed in its game play and fun that a 50 minute train ride felt like 5 minutes! I couldn’t ask for anything more from this game really.

Graphics on this game are outstanding, and it really shines on the Touch HD’s 4.1” 800×400 screen.  There is even great sound, beeping and stuff like that.

I would rate this game a 8.5 Capsules out of 10!!  Simply Brilliant!!



All I can say about this game is WOW!!!  It’s very simple, get the ball in the green hole without it falling into the black holes – yeah simple you say, if you have a shakey hand like me from too many years of smoking you will find this game very very hard!!!  It a very smart game, it uses the phone Gyrator hardware for you to be able to manipulate the ball around.

My son @MiniDuraRoc loves this game, he has been up to Level 40 on a long wait in the SCG car park trying to get out after a Swans match and he loves to laugh at me because I can’t get very far.  The other boy in the house @LittleMiniDuraRoc is also starting to love this game, he is also better than me at this game and I love seeing his face when he sinks that ball!

Graphics again in this game are brilliant, the screenshot above tells the picture really, what more can I say.   Did I mention playing on a 4.1” screen at 800×400 res is brilliant!  The sound is also very very good, I love hearing that plunk sound when the ball drops into that green hole.

I would rate this one 9.5 Capsules out of 10 just for its sheer simplicity and its ability to keep a 9yo saying nothing for over an hour in a car park!


This game speaks for itself.  Come on, who out there does NOT like Solitaire?  What an absolutely timeless brilliant game!  Oh the joy when all those little cards get into their piles and then all the cards fall down!!  I won’t go much into this game, as we all know it and really it reviews itself.

Graphics, well as you can see above are brilliant.  Look at that chair on that HTC Touch HD’s screen at 800×400.  Look at the spade, the detail of it, the diamonds are sharp and sexy.

Sounds are also in there. The little beeps give me goosebumps.

Trying to convey my thoughts on this game is quite simple, I would rate this a 10 Capsules out of 10!!!!!!  Should be GOTY for every year coming.

In final summation conveying my thoughts on these 3 brilliant games – ask yourself this.  In 10 years time do you think you will be playing Solitaire or GTA?  Let me know your comments.

Have a good one.

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  1. Apple has all ready cornered the market on this so I think this will go away like the NOMAD

  2. Yeah it was funny post that was meant as a laugh only 🙂

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