Lost Planet 2 and Gears Of War !! Marcus Fenix & Dominic Santiago Join the ACTION !!



Yeah you’re not seeing things.  This is Capcom’s Lost Planet 2 with a little added extra.  And that Added extra is none other than Epic Games : Marcus Fenix & his good friend Dominic Santiago from Gears Of War.  This video was just shown on Xbox Live Market Place.  It’s not very long but it shows enough !! Enjoy and GET READY FOR SOME HARD CORE Action on the planet of EDN Gears Of War Style !! YEAH BABY !! SWEEEET !!  .. LOCK ‘n LOAD !! 😉



Play Hard Or Don't Play At All!


  1. It will be interesting in the cross over, but then again I wonder what character the PS3 will have

  2. “Yeah your not seeing things. ”

    As in, “you are not seeing things.”

    Anyway, great screenshots.

  3. It would be nice to see Albert Wesker or maybe Snak from MGS

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