Capcom Mega Man 3 90’s Commercial !! CLASSIC !!

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Check out this Classic 90’s Commercial for Mega Man3.  Don’t you wish we still had commercials for games like this. 

This commercial has everything !!  Capcom spies are making secret exchanges in the parking lot of Capcom’s futuristic warehouse styled offices. Dropping Mega Man 3 for your skateboarding self and badly-styled-hair friends. And driving away in cliché sports cars with helicopters in pursuit.  Ahh the goold ole days.

Let us know what you thought of this RAD commericial.  Leave a comment below.

Info provided by Capcom-Unity.

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  1. Pass!
    The japanese commecials of Rockman are the BEST!

  2. hehe yeah i know but its still for a 90’s commercial 😛 gotta give it some credit for trying 🙂

  3. Yeah. I give a discount. xDDDDD

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