Caligo Chaser iPhone Preview Video

iPhone RPG Com2Us

Com2us new action RPG – Caligo Chaser BETA PREVIEW.  This is a side scrolling style RPG.  With a great huge amount of extras.  Video Preview walks you through all the basics of the game and what you can expect to see in the final product when it is released.

Sit back and enjoy the PREVIEW

Caligo Chaser is a MUST for anyone that enjoys RPG’s it’s a little different but it’s different in a GOOD WAY.  Most rpg’s you play now-days consist of click, press, tap… you attack… then click, press, tap they attack. Then it starts all over again.  With Caligo Chaser.  You control your character.  You descide if you win or lose.  You use your  own skills and abilities to move out of the way then back in, to attack your enemies just the way you want to.  No one battle is ever the same and that’s a GREAT thing 🙂 

Screenshots below :


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