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Rockstar are proud to announce an exclusive partnership with GameStop where everyone who pre-orders Red Dead Redemption for Xbox 360® or PlayStation®3, either in-store or online at www.gamestop.com, will have the power to vote for their choice of one of three in-game outfit challenges as their exclusive pre-order bonus on the GameStop website.

Players will be able to vote to choose an outfit that will be earned by completing a unique set of in-game challenges.  Once the challenges are completed and the outfit is unlocked, the outfit will uniquely affect how the surrounding world responds to John Marston. Stay tuned throughout the month of January for much more information about the outfits and their effects in-game.

So get out there, get on your horse and hight tail it over to Gamestop and pre-order Red Dead Redemption now !!  YEEEE HAAAA !!

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