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Chronicles Of Inotia 2 – A Wanderer Of Luone Video Review

Today MasterAbbott has reviewed Chronicles Of Inotia 2 : A Wanderer of Luone by Com2us for the Apple iPhone.


Chronicles Of Inotia: A Wanderer of Luone is a epic action rpg game for the Apple iPhone. In this sequel, you have to save the land of Inotia from the Evil Lord Gorgon, the ruler of all evil.

Chronicles Of Inotia 2 is certainly a HUGE improvement over the original Chronicles of Inotia.  The amount of extra features that have been added into Chronicles Of Inotia 2 is amazing.  First off there are now a total of 5 new character classes to choose from, each with their own strengths and weaknesses as with all RPG games every character has his or her own abilities that you can customize as they gain levels and progress.  


The Five new characters are :  Knight, Magician, Priest, Thief, Templar. As each class is different your playing experience and strategy on how you take on enemies will be different.  If you like to go all out head first into battle, with sword in hand then the Knight is for you, if you want to play a more tacticle style game the Mage is perfect, but I would recommend trying out all the five classes and see what best suits you and your playing style.  And once you finish the game.  You can alsways go back and try it again with another character.


Another new feature is the build a party.  During the game, you will find or given a quest that rewards you with a Worriers Seal. Once you have a seal in your possession you can hire a mercenary by taking the Worriers Seal to Innkeeper in each town.   You can have 2 mercenaries that will aid you in your quests and you can customize and switch to them even make them the leader whilst the other members of the party will attack using their own AI.  You can change the AI settings as well to make them more aggressive or less etc.    This is great, I havn’t had any issues with the party option, once you get the hang of controlling and commanding the mercenaries you will find this new feature very handy.


A few other things not mentioned in the video review is the extra mode called Match Up Mode : Here you can Battle against other players on the Com2us servers. You enter an arena where you will do battle with a Ghost character of another player,  winning five battles with present you with special resouces that you can buy to make special items. 

Another cool feature within the game is the ability to combine certain items to make bigger and better things.  To do this find yourself an Item Shop, there a a machine will allow you combine different items/resources that will end up creating other really useful and usable items.  You will be able to find substances and recipies along the way and these can be stored in a combination book for safekeeping.  This is an excellent extra option in the game.

As this is a video review, please click on the play button below and check out the remainder of the review.  As it will covers everything else.

Capsule Computers gives Chronicles Of Inotia 2 :  A 9 Capsule Out of 10.


As with every game there are things that need to be addressed,  currently that moment there is no AUTOSAVE feature.  So you will need to make sure you save regularly and as your playing on the iPhone this could be a potential problem.  If you receive a phone call and you haven’t saved prior you will lose everything you have done, as once your call ends the game will load back but it will go back to the main screen.  This will also need to be updated so that it will take you back to the exact spot where you were just before you received the phone call.

Other little things that need improvement is the map system, clicking on the map on the top right corner will bring up a little transparent map of the villiage or area that you’re in and then clicking on it again will open up a bigger map.  This could get a little annoying if you want to just see where you in the village and then close it up, but you cant just close it up tapping again will open the big map, this forces the screen to change to view the world map and interupting gameplay.

In closing Inotia : A Wanderer of Luone is a fantastic Action RPG game that has over 48 and up to 100 hours of GAMEPLAY !!! With 200 possible quests to complete, a great new party feature, customizable character look, item enchanting and combining, 50 original bosses to battle against, network play and so many other features this game is worth every dollar spent as it will keep you busy for weeks and months.

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For people having problems in saved data due to version 1.0.1, you can retrieve your old information by e-mailing the following information to [email protected]:

1. Your network ID

2. The last map you saved in (name of the town/dungeon)

3. Which slot did you use to save? (Currently 3 save slots in the menu)

Let us know what you thought of the review and also what you think of the game in the comments below.

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