C64 Emulator for iPhone v1.2 on its way !!

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 Manomio’s C64 emulator for the iPhone ver 1.2 has been shipped off to Apple for review.  Accoring to Manomio, the Apple App store review process takes approx 14days to approve so, if all goes to plan we can all be playing with our updated C64 emulator around the 24th December – WOOO HOOO !!!

Now whats in the new 1.2 update ?? Glad you asked! Here is a summary of the most interesting changes:

  • Left / Right handed control options. Default is now joystick on left and fire on right.
  • Joystick as icon in landscape mode.
    • Displays the joystick as an icon, showing it’s position in a fixed location at the top left / right of the screen.
  • DPad style mode in portrait. You only have to touch the general direction to register movement.
  • Reduced sensitivity when tracking directional movements of the stick
  • Significantly improved performance of the Game Shelf scrolling
  • Reduced sensitivity when tracking directional movements of the stick
  • Apple in-app purchases.  Appears under the Shop tab, showing both Paid and Free titles.
  • Titles available as a free ‘purchase’ at the time or release or shortly after
    • Bruce Lee, Laser Squad and Samurai Warrior
  • Paid titles will be available as approved by Apple

Manomio would like to thank everyone that has supported them, to continue to do so make sure you download the C64 emulator from the iTunes store here.

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Info provided by Manomio

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