A Mega Man Celebration! MORE NEWS !!

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    Info provided by Capcom-Unity

    It turns out that the iam8bit and Capcom surprise is so awesome, that people are going to have to show up with coupon in hand tomorrow and find out themselves just what is in the box. The coupon is here after the break (along with location information).

    Finally, Capcom have a bit of an update for you Mega Man fans. As you know, they have a celebration going on for his 22nd birthday next week, and we know how passionate you fans can get.

    Take note of that the flyer above and consider yourselves properly teased. Keiji Inafune will be joined by Mega Man Megamix Manga artist Hitoshi Ariga.

    This is starting to shape up into a true global celebration, no?

    Make sure you check Capcom-Unity on the date to be a part of the Mega Man Birthday Party 🙂

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