RE5 Alternative Edition content coming to N. America and Europe

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Info thanks to Capcom-Unity & Chris Kramer

A couple of weeks ago, we told you about new Resident Evil 5 content coming as a new Japanese version of the game called RE5 Alternative Edition. We asked you guys to tell us how you wanted to get your mitts on the content and gave you the option to vote for either digital download or a new boxed product. We let the poll run for a couple weeks and then snagged a bunch of your comments from the original blog posting as well as from threads in the forums and presented it all to the RE5 team in Osaka.  As of this morning, we had close to 1500 people vote for DLC and close to 900 vote for a new physical product. In addition, we had over 300 comments on the blog posting, which is amazing to all of us here at Capcom.

And here’s an example of Capcom Unity in action: based on your feedback, in North American, European and Australia territories, Capcom will be making the new RE5 content for both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 available as downloadable content. You will not be asked to purchase a new copy of the game just to get at the new stuff, just make sure to hold on to your RE5 disc and you’ll be ready to roll in Spring 2010 when we make available new Resident Evil adventures (and some other things we haven’t told you about yet) for you. Keep that in mind when thinking about selling RE5 back or handing it off to a friend 😉

I’ll be honest: we had a strong feeling going in that most folks were going to be ticking the box for digital delivery. Seeing as how we were asking you ONLINE to tell us if you would like to nab new game content via the internet, we thought we may have been skewing the results a bit. What surprised us, however, was just how many of you ended up voting for a new physical package. We’re still trying to wrap our heads around this strongly stated position from a vocal range of the community, but we’ve definitely heard you guys loud and clear as well.

Thanks to all of you as part of Team Unity in helping us reach this decision!

Thanks to Chris over at Capcom for this information.  In my opinion.   I think that Capcom should deliver both the DLC and the Physical product the same way Rockstar released Grand Theft Auto : Episodes From Liberty City.  Give the fans both and then you will have two ways of reaching them and two sources of money coming in.

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