Peggle Coming To PS3 This Thursday

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Both Peggle and Peggle Nights will be available, now with the ability to upload replays to YouTube.

PopCap Games has announced that two versions of  the addictive and very cute game will be available on PSN starting this week.

Both Peggle and Peggle Nights will be making their way over the PS3, bringing with them two separate adventures modes, and two different sets of challenges to complete. They will also include the online Peg Party & Duel modes.

Players will be able to record their best shots, but PopCap has added a little something extra for the PS3 version. After saving a replay, it will now possible to upload it directly to YouTube.  YES THATS RIGHT YOU TUBE !! now watch millions and millions of Peggle videos flood Youtube.  But at least you can also see some of the really amazing and crazy shots from other Peggle masters from around the world with Ps3 controller in hand.

Both games will be arriving this Thursday. Set aside $9.99 for Peggle and $4.99 for Peggle Nights, and prepare to be addicted all over again.

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