Make Street Fighter IV Fighting Game of the Year

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Not BIAS here at all  😉 but I do think that it does deserve it.

So Street Fighter IV has been kind of a big deal.  Aside from scoring stellar reviews, and offering unmatched replay value, Street Fighter IV has also given us some incredible moments.  

It’s about a game you can pour yourself into, and in exchange you can find some button-mashy fun with friends, or go further into true emotional highs, devastating lows, and membership in a decades-long tradition of international warriors–part of something bigger than us all.  In short, SFIV is totally amazing. 

In a surprise to very few, SFIV has been nominated for “Fighting Game of the Year.”  Now if you believe that Street Fighter IV deserves to win (AND IT DOES).  As explained in my prevous post. Head over to the Spike’s Video Game Awards page and vote for the game that reignited a genre. 

Vote early, vote often, and most importantly–vote SFIV!

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