Defend your Castle on your iPhone !!

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 The classic addictive castle defense game with polished 3D graphics

Looking for a game to let off steam?

Feed the dark elves to the hydra, make warlocks explode against the fortress, drop a giant troll on a goblin squad, smash elves to the ground, shake away skeletons, throw boars in the air, and use magical spells to petrify, freeze or burn threatening invaders!

Relentless hordes of mythical creatures are pouring out of the darkness and heading straight to your castle. With each wave, their numbers and strength grow as they get closer to breaking in!

Your fingertip will become the most powerful weapon of all as you draw a zigzag on the screen to throw lightning or a trace a V to trigger a tornado!

Challenge your friends online to beat your achievements on Gameloft LIVE!

– 10 TYPES OF INVADERS that interact differently with one another and require different strategies to defeat

– 18 STRATEGIC UPGRADES: Buy a fireball or hydra with money earned by killing invaders

– 23 ACHIEVEMENTS to keep you entertained for hours

– ONLINE COMMUNITY: Compare your achievements and chat with your friends on Gameloft LIVE!

– FULL 3D graphics in a beautiful medieval fantasy world for total immersion in the game

– A progressively harder CAMPAIGN mode and an infinite SURVIVAL mode with adjustable difficulty

– ACCESSIBLE to both right- and left-handed players

Defend your castle against fearless enemies ! Download Castle Frenzy NOW


Play Hard Or Don't Play At All!