Australia gets PlayTV for recording TV on PlayStation 3

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SONY has stepped up the fight for the living room by announcing the PlayTV for Australia.

The PlayTV system lets PlayStation 3 users record TV on their console, turning it into a personal video recorder similar to TiVo or Foxtel IQ.

The system consists of a small black box with twin HD TV tuners and a custom electronic program guide for the PS3.

Play TV can pause and rewind live TV as well as record one channel while the user watches another, plays a game, or watches a DVD.

It also lets users access their recorded shows wirelessly using a PlayStation Portable or a Sony Ericsson Aino phone.

Sony made the announcement as the PS3 goes head-to-head with rival console, Microsoft’s Xbox 360, for the home entertainment market with more features that go beyond video games.

Microsoft will start rolling out new features including Facebook and Twitter integration later this month, followed by online HD movie rentals. (Check out preview video here regarding this)

The PlayTV will be sold for $169.95 from November 26th.

Let us know what you think of this.

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