Playstation 3 to also get FACEBOOK app ??????

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We all know that Microsoft have announced and many people already have the new Xbox 360 Dashboard update that has a load of fantastic new features, one of which is Facebook.  It seems like Sony wants the PS3 to get in on the action with its own Facebook app. Looks like we might be able to do some poking from the PS3 hopefully sometime soon.

Images have somehow been unintentionally leaked, and eagle-eyed Sony watchers got an early glimpse at a major Sony PS3 firmware update which seems to include a Facebook application in the console.

Besides the appearance of Facebook on PS3, the images also show the ability to…change “gamer card” colour and view thumbnails of photos in a grid layout.

At this moment this is just speculation/rumors.  Who knows if these extras will actually appear in the next PS3 firmware update.  But if they do, at least PS3 will be able to update their Facebook status in the comfort of their own lounge room.

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