Sniper vs. Sniper Online Special Mission 1v50 Video Walkthrough & Tips

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Sniper Vs. Sniper Online Special Missions : CITY MAP : 1v50 walkthrough.  Take out all 50 Snipers.  One of the HARDEST Special missions in Sniper Vs. Sniper Online.  The special mission has you up against 50 snipers in the CITY level.   Here you must systematically take out each one before they take you out.  See how its done with this video by MASTERABBOTT from

Pretty much from the video and screen shots below.  Start at the top Left of the CITY building.  Start taking out each sniper from LEFT TO RIGHT.  Once you reach the end of the TOP Floor.  Move down STRAIGHT AWAYDO NOT go into binocular view.  Move down one floor and then from RIGHT TO LEFT, systematically taking out each sniper with 1 shot kill.  Ensure that as soon as you shoot a sniper, you will have that half second to reload your weapon, by that time MAKE SURE YOUR Score is already on the next sniper to take out.  Once you get to the end of the second floor.  Move down to the next and then proceed to take out the snipers on that floor LEFT to RIGHT

Same tactic still applies.  SHOOT, RELOAD and INSTANTLY have your scope on the NEXT Sniper to take out.  The floor has the most Snipers.  The last floor should be simple as shown in the video.  Move down and then from RIGHT to LEFT take out the remaining snipers.

You should have this done with about 1-2 full bars of health if you complete is successfully.

This should not take you anymore than 5-10 turns to complete if you have spot on aim and perfect reload shots, its a piece of cake.  This is the second time I have completed this mission, and it was easier second time around.  Even though I had to concentrate on ensuring the camera was in focus of the screen at the same time 😉

Have a look at the video and hope I comes in handy.  Good Luck and hope to see you online for a game of Sniper vs. Sniper Online soon.

WALKTHROUGH VIDEO For 1v50 City MAP for Sniper Vs. Sniper Online by MasterAbbott from Capsule Computers


Special Thanks for Com2us for creating such a fantastic Sniper game 🙂

Capsule Computers 

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  1. Thank you for sharing this video tips with our players 😀 Awesome play!

  2. Studugly here!

    Thank you for a great video guide on this 1v50 mission. I would like to add some additional advice as I JUST BEAT this mission finally! After days of frustration, cursing loudly, beating/punching/slamming my iPhone (sorry), I managed to beat it with 1/4 bar left! I can probably do better now that I know the keys to victory.

    The significant help is first getting the Fast Reload upgrade (Village Missions). The final 1v40 battle at the Village is pretty tough and I struggled with that too! But, I was able to beat it by killing FIRST the guys that are AIMING at me rather than the guys still in binoculars. There is a delay between binoculars to scope (when they find you or you shoot near them) so try to focus on those already aiming at you! You can afford to scan around the map to locate those guys.

    After getting this FAST RELOAD, the 1v50 should be easier. Still tough though! Here is the key, as MasterAbbott mentioned: Move LEFT to RIGHT, then Right to Left, etc. DO NOT USE THE CROSSHAIR! Instead, use the LINES under the CROSSHAIR to position your target! The crosshair is just above the shortest line and if you position the guys’ legs or body at the line, you will hit him. After the shot, jerk your iPhone to the next guy and aim. Anticipate the up and down motion of the sniper’s breathing. Move swiftly and you ARE allowed to miss a few shots, just don’t let it get you off your rhythm.

    You can definitely use this strategy on the 1v40 battles. Before, I used only the crosshair and, almost didn’t even notice the lines, but once I utilized the lines, it was more helpful as the shortest line is the width of the body of the enemy.

    SIT upright and keep your elbows on the table for steady aiming and movement. Slow your own breathing down or hold your breath. Breath through your teeth, if you prefer.

    Good luck and keep trying!!!! It can be done and YOU WILL GET IT DONE! Best of LUCK! 🙂


  3. Thanks for added piece of info Studugly.

    I know the updates are most important and really needed. I thought that by the time you get to even try and attempt the 1v50 mission you would of had all the other upgrades unlocked 🙂

    Thanks once again for the cool comments and tips

  4. They must have changed it since you wrote this. I have all the upgrades, have beaten every board but this one, and run through it faster than you do in your video with 100 percent accuracy. The best I can kill is 27 every time. By the time I hit the left end of the second row, I’m almost dead. They kill my energy in a matter of seconds. Do the latest update and try it again. You will have a different result.

  5. Hi Bon.

    I’ll check with the Devs on it and get back to you .. I’ll also try it as well tonight and let you know 🙂

  6. Did you have any luck? I’ve tried over 50 times since I posted and no matter what order I try, I get the same result.

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