QUIZ Nightmare in Gameland – The BEST Video Game Trivia Game on ANY PLATFORM !!

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Quiz Nightmare in Gameland is developed by Undercoders.  Capsule Computers did a story on it a while back.  (check here)  and also did an interview (check here) with the Undercoders. 

Quiz Nightmare in Gameland has been out for quite some time and is currently only available for the Apple iPhone / iTouch via iTUNES for only $1.99 US (download your copy here)

MasterAbbott was able to catch up with David from Undercoders who was more than happy to provide some information on the latest update that will be available soon for everyone that already has the game or for people that might be considering it.  David also mentioned that a LITE(DEMO) version of Gameland will be available at the same time as the update to the full game is released.  At the moment Gameland is currently in the list to process by Apple and should be available in a week or two.

If you don’t know anything about Quiz Nightmare in Gameland.  And you consider yourself a GURU when it comes to Games, Video Games and anything else you might consider gaming.  Then YOU MUST and I do mean MUST !!!! Buy this game.  It will test your knowledge of Video Games from the begining of their conception right up to present day.

I cannot give Quiz Nightmare in Gameland enough praise.  I truely believe its one of the most inovative, original and certainly the BEST Trivia game for Video Games ever made.

Below I have a list of updates that will be added to the existing game along with some really cool screenshots of the game.

I have planned a Video Review for Gameland once the update is available so I’ll be able to go through all the features and gameplay in more detail

List of updates in the new version of Quize Nightmare in Gameland as explained by David from Undercoders :

New Visual Questions: we introduced questions with images, so now the enemies can show you a picture and ask you about it. There’s a wide range of hardare identifying (consoles, cartridges, peripherals…), character silhouette guessing and some unique visual questions. We feel this is probably the most interesting feature, since it adds variety to the gameplay.

New enemies: a total of 8 new enemies were added to the game (one for each world), so completed bestiaries will need some new work. Some are not so easy to find though 😉

New minigame: a new minigame was added and can be found in some the inns . I’ts a memory-style game, with the usual 3 levels of difficulty.

New Score indicator: a score indicator was added in the map screen to keep track of the game’s score. This was asked by some users and noted as lacking in some reviews.

New questions: together with the new visual questions we added a few more normal ones. All in all, there should be above 250 new questions in this update.

Apart from that, there’s the typical typo-fixing and we’re sending some new info with the high scores on the bestiary status, game master and completed games, in order to add some distinctives in the web leaderboards.

Check out some of the new screenshots available when the Nightmare in Quiz Gameland update is released :


Thank you to Dave from Undercoders for providing all update information.  Keep an eye out for a video review in the coming weeks.  And make sure you download your copy of Nightmare in QUIZ Gameland NOW !!

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