Final Fantasy XIII TGS 2009 Trailer HD (Subtitled)

RPG Xbox 360

Want to get excited a little more than you already are about Final Fantasy XIII check out the latest trailer released at this years Tokyo Game Show 2009.  The trailer below has English subtitles so you can at least read what’s going on whilst checking out the georgous 1080p High Def trailer.

One thing that has to be noted.  Final Fantasy will not be a true 1080p release.  It will be 720p and rended up to 1080p.  Still I dont think anyone in the world is going to complain the game looks stunning, beutiful, georgous and i dont know what else to call it.  RPG fans in Japan are going to get it first this year and the rest of the world are going to have to wait for the languange translation to be completed.

Sometimes I wish I knew how to speak, read and write and UNDERSTAND Japanese for games such as this.

Oh well Enjoy the trailer and once your done check out the official Final Fantasy XIII Website.



Official Final Fantasy XIII Website

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