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I wanted to share my thoughts on the future of gaming on mobile phones especially iPhones.  I have also included a few extra screenshots from Capcom’s new iPhone title Ghosts ‘n Goblins.

I’ve sad this a thousand times already.  The future of mobile gaming is the Apple iPhone.  It’s the NEXT big thing when it comes to gaming on the move and for a FRACTION of the cost compared to games on the Sony PSP and Nintendo DS.  Games on the iPhone range from $.99cents to $12, and yes we all know that most are not even worth your time but there are some DIAMONDS amongst the dirt that truely shine and showcase what the iPhone/iTouch is really capable of doing.

With its touch screen and accelerometer / tilt style control system, that developers can take advantage of.   Making high quality, innovative and fun games is only a matter of time.

And in this case from the screenshots below.  It looks like Capcom have also done the right thing and moved into developing some major blockbuster titles for the iPhone/iTouch.  With Ghosts ‘n Goblins Gold Knight being another addition to the list of fantastic games on the mobile platform.

Anyone thinking that games on the iPhone are not even worth their time of day.  I would consider you first checking it out before jumping to any conclusions.  Ok .. thats enough from me .. check out the new screenshots of Capcom’s soon to be released smash hit : Ghost ‘n Goblins Gold Knights.

First some info from Capcom Regarding Ghosts n’ Goblins

Return to the Ghoul Realm as the legendary Arthur or impetuous Lancelot in Ghosts‘N Goblins™: Gold Knights for the iPhone and iPod touch. Explore six stages of peril as you attempt to recover the missing maidens and learn the secret of the demons’ return.

Battle with sword, lance, arrow and axe against swarms of demons, monsters and undead minions in one of the most exciting platformers on iPhone.

Key Features:

* Brilliant 3D graphics and classic platform action!

* For the first time, play as two different heroes each with a unique play style.

* Master six different weapons per character and power up each weapon with magic.

* Destroy treasure chests to uncover weapons and more powerful suits of armor.

* Further customize your Ghosts ‘N Goblins experience with DLC.


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