Who's This Guy ?? Where is he NOW ? Should he come back ?

Arcade Capcom

Anyone know who this guy is ??

Back in the day Capcom used this guy as a mascot that appeared in the packaging and manuals of many of Capcom’s earlier console titles released for the Nintendo Entertainment System in North America from 1986 to 1989.

This guy appreared in the manuals of such games as 1942, Commando, Ghosts ‘n Goblins, Mega Man, Trojan, Section Z and Gun Smoke and were labeled as his own “Challenge series” and was drawn on the back of the packaging.

As you might be aware this guy was deplicted as a “futuristic” space hero with a raygun in both hands, with two large medallions around his neck with the letter “C” on each.

Within the Instruction manuals there was a “Specal Message” from him thanking and congratulating the owner of the game for purchasing Capcoms products.

This guy also appeared in game manuals of later titles such as Strider, Mega Man 2, Willow and Ducktales but this time he was wearing a pilot suit and was standing in front of a fighter jet he also had a message to “look to (him) for up-to-date reports for all the exciting action games from Capcom”

He also made his game debute in 1991 as a proper video game character in his self-titled beat-em-up for the arcade in which he is a futuristic crime-fighter who leads his Team, composed of him and his three Companions, against an organization of “super-criminals” seeking to conquer the Earth.

He would also return as a player character in the fighting game Marvel Vs Capcom in 1998 as well as Marvel vs Cacom 2 as one of the characters representing Capcom. 

WHO IS THIS MAN OF MYSTERY ??  Whats his name ?? Well its none other than

(drum roll please) 


If you haven’t met him before check out the video below of his Arcade beat-em-up hit Captain Commando.

What do you think of him ?  Do you believe he should come back as Capcom’s mascot ?  I think he should.  He has what it takes to lead Capcom to infinity and BEYOND !! 

Let us know what you think 🙂

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