Hungry for Monster-Hunter Ramen Noodles ?? Well look no further !!

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I was looking for around at the local Lawson’s (similar to Seven-11) and guess what they had there..  Yep Monster Hunter Ramen.  For a very low price of $2 US dollars.. I picked up a pack and took it back to my hotel room and go stuck into them.  Yes they were very delicious.  Its what every Monster Hunter needs to recharge their batteries after a long day of slaying those pesky Monsters 🙂

If you want to a pack bowl of these Ramen.  I think the only place to get them is gonna have to be Japan.  Sorry rest of the world.  Correct me if i’m wrong but this sort of whacky stuff can only be available here in the land of the rising noodle… i mean sun 🙂

Take a look at the pics..  Let me know what you think


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