Batman Arkham Asylum DLC out 17th September


Eidos and Warner Bros. have announced the first downloadable content for the critical and commercial hit Batman: Arkham Asylum. On September 17, the Insane Night Map Pack will be available free of charge on both Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network.

The DLC will contain two new additions for the game’s challenge mode, a freeflow combat challenge and an invisible predator level. The combat challenge, dubbed “Totally Insane,” will add the Asylum’s resident lunatics to the mix. The lunatics, players may remember, had the characteristically insane habit of charging wildly at Batman with no concern for their own personal safety, and should make an interesting addition to the usual intensity of the combat challenges. The invisible predator challenge is called “Nocturnal Hunter.” Both challenges will be set in the game’s secure records facility, a place unvisited in the original challenges.

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