Batman Arkham Asylum Collectors Edition .. What’s in the BOX ?

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Whats in the Batman Arkham Asylum Collectors Box ? What do you get for hard earned $150 Aussie dollars.

Well Capsule Computers was able to crack open the box and have a play around with whats inside.

Lets check it out pic by pic.

Front Of The Box :

Back Of The Box :

The Box cover and design do look great and will be a great addition to anyone’s “Games Collection” mantlepiece

With the plastic cover removed the Batarang is visible through the box.

Flipping the lid upward reveals Batman’s Batarang looking you straight in the face.  The Batarang is made of hard plastic and has a kind of used look to it with scratch marks on it.  Unfortunately you cannot remove the Batarang from its stand.  (Probably a good thing as its got a few pointy edges and we dont want anyone accidently throwing it in your direction, just for fun)

I have to say that the Batarang is what a lot of people were looking forward to, in all honestly its been received with mixed reactions some people love it some don’t, personally I think it does the job and will look good with the rest of your Batman collection. 

Batarang closeup.


The stand holding up the Batarang is very sturdy.  No chance of this bad boy falling over on its own.

If you really wanted to you could do a bit of handy work and dislodge the Batarang from the base.  I tried to it myself but didnt want to accidently snap off one of the wings.  But if u do it carefully you could remove it from the stand.  But as I said .. its better where it is .. and much safer as well.

Ok next :  The Road To Arkham comic book made specially for Batman Arkham Asylum.  It’s a good read I wont spoil it for you. 

Pages from the Comic Book

2 Xbox Live codes are also included as well for :

Villian Challenge Map

Crime Alley Challenge Map

The doctor’s journal from Arkham Asylum.  This book goes through all the nutjobs in the Asylum that will certanly cross your path whilst playing the game.  This is a fantastic read.  Take the time go through it as it will give you a lot of background infor on the criminals that you will be putting back behind bars.

Next we have the Game Case.  It’s not in the original Xbox green plastic case as you can see the instructions to the game are lying lose under it.  As there is no room inside.

The Game disk and the Bonus disk.

All in all the Batman Arkham Asylum Collectors edition is packed with some great things.  It is a little pricey but if your a fan of the Caped Crusaider paying an extra $50 will be well worth it.  The Batarang, the doctors journal and the bonus disk are very cool and will provide you with a few extra hours of fun.

If you bought the Collectors Edition, let us know what you think of it.

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